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Take One Action celebrates the people and movies that are changing the world, from Argyll to Zimbabwe. They believe small actions lead to big ones, and that we all make a difference. They want more people to watch more world-class films about issues of social and environmental change and concern – more effectively and communally. They curate films linked to opportunities and networks in Scotland. They help people make connections – tangible, individual and collective – between their lives and the extraordinary, international stories revealed on film (and over cups of tea). They hope to empower more people to take creative, impactful steps to make the world a better place – bit by bit, and sometimes in landslides, changing the local, national and global behaviours which underpin a fairer and more sustainable world. We are working with Take One Action on their 2017 Film Festival. TOA have brought Waving Bear in to work alongside their existing team. We have been asked to develop their social media strategy and decide on a consistent voice for their communications. We are also involved in their online trailer release campaign, email marketing, print distribution, designing and implementing a festival landing page, organising photographers for the event, individual film marketing strategy, developing relationships with guest bloggers and influencers as well as all analytics and evaluation.